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Shooting in Africa Shooting in Africa Shooting in Africa

South Africa

We are fortunate to have access to some of the best bird shooting in Africa.

If there is one place in the world that is truly a mecca for enthusiasts of wild bird hunting then it must surely be South Africa. The country has a diverse range of habitat from desert to almost tropical areas in the South East of the country, there is little wonder that the gamebird species are as varied.

The bird shooting season is best from May through to September and is ideal for guns from the Northern Hemisphere who are looking to keep their eye in outside of the European and North American shooting seasons. Travelling to South Africa has never been easier with several overnight flights everyday from London, there is also only an hour's time difference. It is possible to be shooting the afternoon after you have left the UK.

It is also a perfect destination to combine shooting and the many non-shooting activities that this amazing country has to offer.

We are committed to the research and conservation of Southern African game birds and have recently joined The African Game Bird Research & Development Trust (AGRED) and are delighted to be their first corporate members.

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