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Shooting in Kenya Shooting in Kenya Shooting in Kenya


Kenya, famous for its Happy Valley, Muthaga Club and fabulous game viewing is steeped in colonial history. It also offers excellent bird shooting holidays.

As with so many places that the British colonials settled sport was high on the agenda as a part of their recreation.

Hunting and bird shooting were very popular in Kenya and bird shooting still is today. In fact Kenya is one of the fascinating places that you can enjoy shooting a diverse variety of birds in very wild surroundings as well as enjoying some of the many fantastic lodges that we offer for safaris or a beach resort on the coast. Both of these can be combined to offer a truly tailored holiday which will be enjoyed by all.

There are daily flights to Nairobi from London. The flights tend to be overnight leaving London in the evening and arriving in Nairobi early in the morning. This makes the journey that much easier. There is no question of jet lag as the time difference between London and Nairobi is just two hours.


Map of Kenya

Venues in Kenya

The estates in this country vary and should be discussed with a member of Roxtons shooting department in order to arrange your bespoke trip to this wonderful destination.

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