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Roxtons are the leading providers of the finest fishing and shooting experiences around the globe.

For the quality of the whole experience, the smooth efficiency with which it is organised and the stunning nature of the sport they provide, Roxtons lead the field.
John Humphreys, Journalist

This quote from the respected shooting journalist, John Humphreys, reflects our strong reputation which is based on our passion for field sports. We pride ourselves on always offering a knowledgeable and professional service and being able to take away the hassle of organising shooting and fishing trips in the UK and worldwide.

Our history starts in the mid 1970s when a Canadian entrepreneur recruited Chris Orssich to set up a sporting agency. Based in the town of Hungerford in Berkshire, above the shop of the same name, which was also part of the business at the time, the company grew rapidly.

In 1991, we became the first company to offer Atlantic salmon fishing on the celebrated Varzuga River in Russia’s Kola Peninsula. We also offered exclusive access to several of the world’s premier shoots, at estates such as Drynachan, Drumlanrig and Dalswinton in Scotland, Stanage on the Welsh border, Miltons, and Prescombe in England, as well as La Cuesta and La Nava in Spain. We have also been a key player in the development of some of the most exciting salt water, blue water and fresh water fisheries for decades.

Aside from our amazing portfolio of worldwide fishing and shooting destinations, our knowledge and personal service, our unique selling point has always been our ability to stay at the forefront of sporting innovation which has changed enormously over the last forty years.

We run one of the world’s largest and longest running “roving syndicate”, an informal shooting club that gives customers access to more than 40 partridge or pheasant shooting days per season in locations around the world.

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