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Delta Eco Lodge

Fishing - Central & South America - Argentina - Delta Eco Lodge Dorado
Fishing - Central & South America - Argentina - Delta Eco Lodge Dorado
Fishing - Central & South America - Argentina - Delta Eco Lodge Dorado
Fishing - Central & South America - Argentina - Delta Eco Lodge Dorado
Fishing - Central & South America - Argentina - Delta Eco Lodge Dorado

Delta Eco Lodge, Argentina

A truly stunning fishing operation within striking distance of Buenos Aires perfectly suited to those looking to extend a sea trout or dove trip in Argentina.

Dorado are one of the most exciting and complete game fish you’ll find anywhere. Dorado offer a perfect mixture of all the characteristics we appreciate as anglers: beauty and ferocity, acrobatic ability, complex behaviour, and a little mystery. Although dorado exist only in South America, their environments are diverse living in big rivers to small streams, freestones to tailwaters, jungle marshes to river deltas.

Delta Fishing Trips are a new program located near Buenos Aires that will please serious anglers and business travellers alike: a lodge deeply submerged in nature but only minutes away from the city—offering the kinds of high-quality fishing, guiding, lodging and dining experiences only Nervous Waters can provide. The Paraná River, one of the most remarkable watersheds in South America, develops into an incredible ecosystem at the end of its run into the Rio de la Plata, just outside of greater Buenos Aires. Known as the Delta, this endless labyrinth of streams, braids, side channels, bays, and islands brim with wildlife and beautiful dorado water.

In most cases guests will be collected after breakfast from their Buenos Aires hotel and transferred the 35 minutes to the marina. Here a skiff will collect anglers and embark on a morning dorado fishing before returning to the lodge for lunch. After a siesta the afternoon fishing session goes on until 6pm when a return to the lodge for cocktails and dinner at the lodge. Times of year will dictate the length of the fishing day there are so many options to fish in the delta there is plenty of time to tackle these mighty fish.

The guides are very experienced and know the delta system very well. The manager is also extremely experienced with dorado fishing as well as fly tying for dorado. In addition to great fishing and superb lodging the Delta Eco lodge is well suited to non fishers interested in a relaxed wildlife adventure. Canoeing round the island


This Eco lodge was constructed in the “Delta” style, a traditional wood construction built on stilts. The maximum capacity is 8 guests and 6 anglers which ensures intimacy and personalised attention from the excellent team. The island based main lodge area is complimented with raised walkways to the client rooms and beyond down to the dock where the skiffs drop you at the end of the fishing day. A friendly team welcome you at Delta with no detail too small. Each room has two beds with a private bathroom. Single rooms are a possibility and available on request.

Our kitchen comes to life through the use of fresh and regionally representative meats and produce. By combining these elements, we create delicious flavors and varied textures that harbour hidden stories and showcase traditions on each plate. A top-notch team of experienced national and international chefs are trained in both classic and modern culinary techniques. With an artisan’s touch, chefs prepare every dish by scratch to be served at a minute’s notice. Delta Fishing Trips & Lodge offers wonderful cuisine consisting of local meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, and delicious desserts.

Our inspired lunch and dinner menus are paired with some of Argentina’s—and the world’s—best wines, Bodega Catena Zapata. In addition to our focus on fresh food with organic origins, we also celebrate our Argentine heritage with a wine partnership that brings truly world class wines to our lodges. We feel that the food we present and the wines we serve should mirror the sporting opportunities we offer—and be the very best available.

A traditional asado (BBQ) is held once during your stay, and you can sample different cuts of meat and wonderful salads. Breakfast is served al fresco during part of the season, and full cooked breakfast is also available, together with fresh fruit, yogurts, home baked bread and jams and a selection of cereals.

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