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Suinda Lodge

Suinda Lodge
Fishing - Central & South America - Argentina - Suinda Lodge Dorado
Fishing - Central & South America - Argentina - Suinda Lodge Dorado
Fishing - Central & South America - Argentina - Suinda Lodge Dorado

Suinda Lodge, Argentina

The chance of a really good sized Dorado coupled with unsurpassed lodge accommodation and guides.

Dorado are one of the most exciting and complete game fish you’ll find anywhere. Dorado offer a perfect mixture of all the characteristics we appreciate as anglers: beauty and ferocity, acrobatic ability, complex behaviour, and a little mystery. Although dorado exist only in South America, their environments are diverse living in big rivers to small streams, freestones to tailwaters, jungle marshes to river deltas.

The clear upper Parana River, where Suindá lodge is located, is legendary for dorado. Being one of the main arteries of an intricate basin, it produces good numbers of larger fish. That said, these fish are tricky, moody, smart, and sensitive. But prepare to be rewarded for the challenge with thrilling, adrenaline laced fishing. The fish that inhabit these areas of the river run to a high average size and whilst a quite technical approach is required to tempt these monsters if you are willing to put in the time and effort the rewards are incredible.

The fishing day is broken into two sessions returning to the lodge to have lunch and a siesta. With high temperatures out on the water rest and re-hydration in the middle of the day are essential. The afternoon session timing is guided by day light and after a session of chasing big dorado the lodge offers a cooling place to have relax and discuss the day and plan the next.

The guides are very experienced at putting fisherman in the best possible position to target these awesome river monsters. Where ever possible the guides will aim to find areas where clear waters offer exceptional sight-fishing opportunities for dorado, as well as pirá pitá and pacú on dries. Whilst the core of the fishing is about targeting the large Dorado this is truly a multi-species destination.


Nervous Waters’ recently built dorado fishing camp is located near the town of Itatí, in the province of Corrientes. Stilted living quarters are perched on a high bluff and set an additional nine feet above ground, offering soaring views of the sprawling river and its natural surroundings. The eco-property includes three spacious, two-bedroom “cabañas”, with private bathrooms. Wooden footbridges conveniently connect each room to the main dining hall. From there, it’s a short walk to the water, where you’ll spend your days exploring the Paraná’s most productive, structure rich sections for monster dorado.

All rooms are based on shared occupancy; single rooms based on availability. Dining room and bar boast a fly-tying area, fly shop fully equipped with flies, rods, reels, lines, and apparel. There is internet access in the lodge as well as mobile phone reception in most places. Laundry and loan equipment are available also.

A top-notch team of experienced national and international chefs, trained in both classic and avant-garde culinary techniques, execute our food. With an artisan’s touch, chefs prepare every dish by scratch to be served at a minute’s notice. In addition, our inspired lunch and dinner menus are paired with some of Argentina’s—and the world’s—best wines, Bodega Catena Zapata. Our Northern Argentina kitchens specialize in diverse dishes that pair prime cuts of local meats with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Beyond traditional asados, salads and sides, enjoy exotic appetizers such as yacaré meat, savory cheeses, and homemade breads such as our classic chipá rolls. Desserts tantalize guests with multiple textures and flavors designed to provide an unforgettably delicious final touch.

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