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Fishing - Central & South America - Brazil
Fishing - Central & South America - Brazil - Pirarucu
Fishing - Central & South America - Brazil - Pirarucu
Fishing - Central & South America - Brazil

About Brazil

The Amazon basin is vast beyond comprehension; a world where new species of plant and animal are still being discovered every year. Within its hidden depths lie all manner of animals, birds and fish.

The lifeblood of the basin is in the arterial waters of numerous rivers, flowing from the colander of the rainforest basin into the main river and out to sea. These rivers support large populations of peacock bass as well as many other species, this special environment provides sport like no other.

You may have heard the stories about the beautiful and powerful peacock bass and their heart-stopping, fly smashing surface takes, well they are all true. Brazil has countless virgin rivers and lagoons where large populations of giant peacock bass live unmolested.

Recommended Fishing Venues

Fishing - Central & South America - Brazil - Rio Marie

Rio Marie

The Biggest Peacock Bass in the Amazon and over 800 kilometres of vibrant water to catch them in.¬† Rio Mari√© is unique in Brazil, with more than 500 miles of exclusive access to the only catch-and-release, “fly fishing only”...

Fishing - Central & South America - Brazil - Pirarucu


Prehistoric presence, overwhelming proportions and captivating scales. Meet the Arapaima, the biggest fish in the Amazon jungle. Pirarucu, is the first and only exclusive fly-fishing only project allowed and supported by the Brazilian...

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