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Fishing - Europe - Iceland - Langa
Fishing - Europe - Iceland - Langa
Fishing - Europe - Iceland - Langa
Fishing - Europe - Iceland - Langa
Fishing - Europe - Iceland - Langa
Fishing - Europe - Iceland - Langa
Fishing - Europe - Iceland - Langa

Langa, Iceland

The Langa is one of the finest salmon rivers in Iceland and has rightly earned world-wide acclaim. Thanks to ongoing ecological works the river benefits from almost 100 individual pools. The river has also benefited from the construction of a number of fish ladders increasing both fish habitat and fishing.

Ranking well into the top ten most prolific salmon rivers in Iceland, Langa always maintains its water height with a dam at Lake Langavatn. Even in what is considered low water conditions for other nearby rivers, Langa has enough water stored to maintain a good flow rate for up to four weeks.

The river Langa fishes 12 rods in the prime weeks. It is ideally suited to single-handed rods with floating lines, best married with small flies and tubes, in patterns such as the Langa Fancy. Other favourites include the Red Frances, Sunray Shadow and almost any micro-tube, especially when hitched.

With such a large array of recognised pools and falls there is a great diversity of fishing water. There is a canyon section on Beat 2 at the lower end of the river and an impressive canyon section on Beat 6 right at the top of the river. Almost all pools are easily accessible with well-constructed access tracks allowing anglers of all ages to access the pristine fishing.

Couple this variety and beauty with the reliable water levels and equally reliable productivity of this medium-sized river and Langa is a great choice.

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The lodge on the Langa is comfortable and sits imposingly on a cliff and has a magnificent view over the river. There are twelve twin rooms with private bathroom facilities.

The catering is first-class with well-respected Icelandic chefs looking after your every need.

Best For...

  • Fast clear water
  • Prolific grilse run
  • Light line fishing

Our View

Classic Icelandic salmon fishing on one of the most productive rivers.

Price Guide

Prices start from £5,875 per person for three days fishing excluding international flights.

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