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Fishing - Europe - Norway - Aelva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Aelva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Aelva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Aelva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Aelva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Aelva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Aelva

Aelva, Norway

The Aelva is a charming river that has a strong run of salmon and sea trout with the chance of catching a salmon in the 40lb+ class. With clear water you can even see the salmon in many pools.

Horstad Lodge on the Aelva is now one of the very best rivers and beats in Norway when it comes to catches per angler. 2020 produced 436 salmon to 46 anglers. June is highly regarded as the prime weeks on the Aelva, with fresh salmon and sea trout arriving on each tide. However, both July and August are regarded as potentially fantastic months as the river is well populated with salmon and seatrout by then.

Horstad Lodge is situated just a five-minute walk from the river and the lower beats are accessed by foot. The river is known for its gin clear water, rugged canyons, classic pools and big fish. The length of the beat is 17km with 8km of that double bank fishing. The wild river, spectacular scenery and luxury traditional lodge provides a fantastic fishing experience.


Horstad has a rich history that stretches all the way back to 1611. Horstad has been carefully renovated to keep its historic appearance with, among other things, old wall paintings depicting fishermen in top hats. There are 13 traditional rooms with a total of 25 beds. There is a cosy library with a big open fireplace,  two dining rooms, sitting room, and a large meeting room. There is a small fly fishing shop, fly tying area and a hut with a drying room to hang waders in.

With full board accommodation included as part of the Saturday to Saturday week, you will be served traditional breakfast, lunch and a delicious 3-course dinner with local ingredients, such as cloudberries, reindeer, elk, halibut and cod by one of the experienced chefs. Weather permitting, it will also be possible to serve lunch by the river.

Best For...

  • Chance of a large Atlantic salmon
  • River privacy with 8km of double bank
  • Delicious food and a lodge with history

Our View

A great Norwegian fishing experience.

Price Guide

Prices start from £4,500 per person for 6 days fishing excluding international flights.

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