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Fishing - Europe - Norway - Lakselva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Lakselva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Lakselva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Lakselva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Lakselva
Fishing - Europe - Norway - Lakselva

Lakselva, Norway

This river has proved itself as one that, for those seeking a monster salmon, cannot be missed. The Lakselva is a river on which every cast is genuinely exciting with the possibility of a salmon of a lifetime. Salmon of over 30lbs and sometimes over 40lbs are landed from Oldero Lodge each season. The Lakselva is known for its large salmon; in some weeks they can average 14lbs in weight.

The Lakselva is about 100km long and is in the county of Finnmark in northern Norway. The Lakselva is close to the famous Alta and typically catches a consistent eight tonnes of salmon a year.

Oldero Lodge has a season that runs from mid June until mid September. The river is divided into zones, each of which has a fixed number of public rod licences each day. These rods simply divide themselves up on a first come first served basis on the available water on their beat.

Oldero can offer as private a fishing experience as is possible on the Lakselva. They own some parts of the river and lease other parts from landowners on an annual basis. This water is removed from the available public fishing. This arrangement gives rods fishing from Oldero a much greater element of privacy.

Oldero owns their Home Pool and is one of the few places with double banked water. It is about 350m long with four or five known taking spots. The Home Pool is the first stopping point for fish from the sea and is a first-class pool for running fish as well as residents.

In addition to the Home Pool, rods fishing from Oldero Lodge have access to privately leased water. The lodge deliberately leases first-class water often including known big fish pools such as the famous 6 to 6. Oldero has four knowledgeable and experienced guides for the eight rods.

With eight rods, the water is divided into four beats which are rotated among Oldero guests. Depending on water conditions these beats can be changed. The beats are typically Home Pool (both sides) and 6 to 6 (left bank), Ratama (left bank), Bergkrogen (left bank) and the Bakery (left and right bank). There is ample water for guests to fish.

The Lakselva itself is a generally clear running river and is easily covered with a 14-15 foot rod in the early season and a 12-14 foot rod later in the season. It is hard to imagine that salmon of 20lbs, 30lbs and larger run such a manageable sized river.


Oldero Lodge is set on a privately owned island about 1.5km from the sea and the airport is just five minutes away from the lodge.

The lodge has eight comfortable bedrooms, in two separate cabins, each with its own bathroom with shower. There is another separate building which has the dining room and sitting area. There is an outside fire pit with sofa and chairs under a gazebo where people can meet and enjoy a drink before lunch or dinner.

The lodge has an accomplished chef and the whole operation is extremely well run.

Best For...

  • Biggest salmon in the world
  • A fish of a lifetime
  • Private water and great guides

Our View

Fishing the Lakselva provides, without question, the best chance of landing a seriously big salmon.  More 40lbs fish are landed from this river every year than practically any other river.

Price Guide

Prices start from £10,850 per person for seven nights and six days fishing excluding flights.

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