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About India

India is a beautiful, vibrant, welcoming and fun country to visit.  It holds endless fascinations and even the most jaded, experienced traveller would be energised and enthralled by the sights and sounds.

It is less known for its fishing which is a shame as historically, the mahseer fishing was the source of many a story that was retold in the gentleman’s clubs of London as those intrepid leaders of the Raj returned home.  The fishing of those days may not be matched ever again but landing a mahseer on the fly is a very likely proposition and one that should be on any keen fisher’s list.

India and the UK’s relationship with it is inescapable and will form a good part of any fully formed itinerary but there is so much more to see than the forts that saw such intense fighting.  Stunning temples, tiger reserves, the endless terraces that form the farms, the people and the food are all just moving parts of an amazing machine.

Most people have pre-conceptions of India that are not necessarily positive.  Very few people who go these days come back with anything other than a sense of gratitude that they took the plunge and a new found respect for this extraordinary country.

A fishing trip to India is a complete experience for the angler and the non-angler to experience this mystical corner of the world; the only constraint on the traveller is one of time.

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