A Client’s Testimonial from A Recent Trip To Los Roques

by Roxtons

After much anticipation as regards to the Covid situation, and the unfortunate closing of our Russian destination, we were giving the choice to either rollover or keep the funds at Roxtons.  As I trust Charlie and the team implicitly I was looking forward to returning to Russia, unfortunately this couldn’t happen under the present situation. I do look forward to returning at some point in the future. There were several suggestions after many meetings and I and my colleagues decided we would take Charlie’s recommendation to depart to Venezuela at Los Roques.

From day one we were completely blown away by the hospitality and the lack of any threatening situation where most people feel that Venezuela is an extremely dangerous place to visit.  The hospitality at the island was totally unsurpassed with every single wish granted.  Not to mention the fishing and the variety of the species, and the magnitude of the catch per day was unreal.  Never having really been a sea fishing fly-fisherman the experience of the guides and the expertise of the team made this a delightful experience, and by the end of the week I’d not only gained vast experience in saltwater fly-fishing but my casting ability, due to the patience of the guide and the comments from the team, has improved dramatically.

If you are a novice do not worry you will be chaperoned and your hand held through every stage. I feel I need a holiday to get over my holiday and once again thank you to Roxtons.