A stunning new video of the PatagoniaOne programme

by Roxtons

A 10-night package which includes 3 days of fishing from Las Pampas Lodge in the Río Pico valley in Argentina. Followed by a seamless 2 hour transfer to Chile where anglers spend 3 more days of floating the spectacular Figueroa reach out of our TempleCamp and then transitioning back into the standard BaseCamp format for another 3 days of fishing.

As the distances between the lodges are short, there is no loss of fishing time. The 10-night package allows you 9 full days of the most diverse fishing. For those wishing to combine those stellar wilderness day floats with some “off-the-grid” small stream walk and wade trips this PatagoniaOne program is a must-do.

To see a new video on the stunning PatagoniaOne programme, please click here