Alphonse Island, Perfect Fishing Conditions!

by Roxtons

Ezra S and Andre J, who were partnered up for the week, started working on their bonefish numbers and not only had catch stats of over 40 fish each but were pushing the 60 cm limit too! Alan M opened his account with a 76 cm GT and on the last day finished up with a 75 cm GT.

The silky-smooth conditions and windless skies made it seemingly easy to find fish, unfortunately, these conditions made the fish very spooky and difficult to approach. The triggers were trickier than ever before and Sean H was the only person to finally snag a moustache trigger on the last day.

The bluewater team spent two mornings trying to get a marlin on fly but sadly to no avail. Four sailfish for the week filled in the gaps keeping the anglers busy while the marlin played hard to get.

We look forward to more of the same excellent fishing for our guests for the remainder of the season.