Astove 12-19 February 2018 "Slams Every Day"

by Roxtons

Astove Kyle Reed 12 18 Feb 2018 49

The trend continued and “Slams” soon became a regular occurrence during the evenings bell ringing event with the handing out of badges and rum shots like never before. We “Flats Slammed”, or “Grand Slammed” every day this week! One client lead the pack with a “Double Grand Slam” in a day with two GT’s, three Indo-Pacific permit and a handful of bonefish. The one thing that should be mentioned is that the three permit where all caught within a one hour period. 

Astove Stuart Webb 12 18 Feb 2018 14

There are very few anglers that can brag about achieving a “Flats Slam” and “Grand Slam” in a single day. Mika Lgot this done in absolute style by landing a gorgeous 15lb Indo-Pacific permit, a hand full of bonefish, two GT’s and a trigger. To add to the “Slam” tally Richard H, Daryl E and Nick F all managed a “Flats Slam” during the week. Daryl went on to land three triggers and five GT’s for the six days on the flats. 

Astove Stuart Webb 12 18 Feb 2018 34

The GT fishing this week started off a little challenging but ended off with a respectable 41 GT’s, the smallest measuring 62cm and largest measuring 105cm, caught by Lawrence T. 

Astove Yusuf Shaikh 12 18 Feb 2018 25

Tight Lines from the Astove Fishing Co team.


Giant Trevally: 41                                          

Bonefish: 216

Moustache Triggerfish: 8

Yellow Margin Triggerfish: 9

Indo-Pacific Permit: 4