Bill Drury Aura Series Outfit

by Roxtons

These rods, reel and lines have been designed to create the perfect package for a multitude of fishing conditions, equally at home of the Spey as the Yokanga. The multi tip lines allow the user to easily cast heavier tubes and fast sinking tips for springers as well as accurately present size 16 flies on a full float tip for grilse. The rod and line are well matched and extremely easy to cast allowing beginners to get out to the fish and seasoned pros to rip out an even longer line.

 The Multi Tip line covers all fishing conditions with an extensive range of tip weights matched perfectly to the taper of the main line. This combination of 14ft rod and the Multi Tip line have been used to great effect on many salmon and sea trout rivers around the world.

 The multi tip line is ideal for the new Drury salmon reel completing the package. The new reel is robust and features a powerful and reliable disk drag system that is able to cope with both fresh water and salt water species. Machined from aircraft grade aluminium these reels are well balanced to the rods and offer a generous capacity for backing.

 The rods can be seen at our Hungerford office but if you are eager to get your hands on this great value package sooner we will send you a brand new setup by post for just £650.00 including VAT.

 Equally we are able to offer individual components of the outfit as follows:

 14ft 9/10 Bill Drury Aura Rod:- £450.00 inc. VAT + post and packaging

 Bill Drury DD 10/11 Reel:- £180.00 inc. VAT + post and packaging

Bill Drury 9/10 Multi Tip Line:- £100.00 inc. VAT + post and Packaging

As a back up outfit or as your main double handed rod this great deal is not to be missed. We have only a limited supply so please contact Roxtons to secure your order today.