Bill Drury reports from Umba – 1-8 October

by Charlie White

Day 1:  The river slowly rose in the morning and the rain and wind of the previous few days had stopped. Heinz P started his second week of fishing by landing a lovely sea-liced 20lber from the Home pool and his fishing partner, Martin L, also landed a fresh fish from Home pool. 3 other fish were landed in Krivets; all were coloured although a couple of fresh fish were lost.

Day 2: The result of the heavy rain of last Thursday and Friday had arrived – the river rose to roughly the same level as 3 weeks ago!! Fishing was slower; one fresh fish was caught from Upper Rat, an 18lber for Erik C. A coloured fish was landed in Home pool and one from Nick pool. I saw a number of fish spawning in Krivets.

Day 3: We had an extremely cold night with a keen frost in the morning – enough to have clients knocking the ice off their wading boots. 5 fish were landed including a 15lbs fresh fish from Golden Pool for Tor H.

Day 4: A cold north wind was blowing so the evening banya was very welcome. The river rose slightly. 6 fish were landed including 3 double figure fish for Martin L in Upper Rat.

Day 5: We woke up to a very keen frost and the river had dropped slightly. 6 fish were landed today including a 20lber for Erik C in Home pool and two 18lbers. 

– Bill Drury