Bill Drury reports from Umba – 17-24 September

by Charlie White

The weather was, in general, quite mild for most of the week. We had one day of steady rain which subsequently stopped the river dropping for a time, as I write this report the river is still dropping albeit very slowly.

Catches for the week kept the same sort of pattern as previous weeks and some good sized fresh fish were caught along with some coloured ones.

39 fish were landed for the week – 22 up to 8lbs, 15 of 9-19lbs and 2 of 20lbs which were both fresh. Chris A had a 20lber from Nick Pool on a small Snaelda and I had a 20lbs fish from the second pot below Golden Pool on a small unweighted orange tube fly.

As I write this report a couple of sea liced fish have been landed on the lower river.

– Bill Drury