Bill Drury reports from Umba – 3-10 September week

by Charlie White

Following the previous day’s travel the first day started with a lie-in followed by a late breakfast. The group of ten rods started fishing with the guides at noon, rotating through the lower river. Four fish were landed during this short session.

Day 2: The river is dropping very slowly. It was our first trip to Krivets with this group, and although lower than last week there are still very few places to fish effectively. Two sea-liced fish caught on the lower river, the largest was a 14lber caught by Allan Smith.  Three were landed for the day.

Day 3: The first 20lbs fish of the season was landed by Tudor Davies from the spot above the Office Pool in Krivets. This 20yds stretch of quiet water has been the most productive area in the time we have been fishing; Will Davies landed a small fish and lost a larger one in the same place. Allan Smith landed a 14lber from Upper Rat.  Three landed for the day.

Day 4: Only two fish were landed today as it was very quiet, especially on the lower river. Both coloured fish came from Krivets and one was from Golden Run, one from the spot above the Office. River levels are still dropping.

Day 5: Last night we had the first frost. The clear morning turned to rain and this continued on and off for most of the day. The fishing was slightly better with more fish hooked, four were landed including a 22lbs fresh fish from Brads Pool for Andy Pownall.

Day 6: We went to Krivets and water levels have dropped enough now to begin seeing the pools better. The fishing picked up with ten fish caught for the day, eight of these from Krivets. All the fish caught were coloured and included two 20lbers to Simon Bath and one 28lber to Rhodri Davies.

Day 7: Four rods left early so we were down to six rods fishing the river today, one group in Krivets and two groupss in the lower river. Seven fish landed today; five from Krivets all coloured and two from the lower river, one of them a 17lbs fresh fish for Allan Smith.

To conclude, 34 fish have been landed for the week and a good number lost including some large fish.  All rods are very happy and most say they want to return next year.