Clients immediate feedback from Tierra Del Fuego

by Charlie White

Hi Charlie,

Can’t contain my excitement and emailing from Buenos Aires after a unbelievable week for me at La Villa. I had a colossal 44 fish for my week and if everything I hooked had stayed on would have easily doubled that.

However on my last morning session on Friday with Diego as my guide, I had fish at 20, 21 and a 27Lb monster!!!! Crazy 3 fish totalling 68Lbs in fact the other two at 14 and 5 lbs shouldn’t be forgotten. 

I’m sure Federico will send you the report for the week as our group had 172 fish for the week and I was top rod for numbers and heaviest fish. In fact I equalled, with two others, the heaviest fish for the season at 27Lb but was told I’m top rod for the season with 44 fish.

As I sit here in my hotel with a glass of Malbec I still can’t believe what a week I had fishing on the Rio Grande. Perhaps we can talk when I get back next week and I will be more than happy sending you some more pictures of my awesome fish but here is one in the meantime.

Charlie, thanks very much for the opportunity to go back this year and the part Roxtons played in a week’s fishing I will never forget.

Regards Gareth Bourhill