David S reports on Los Roques, Venezuela

by Charlie White

This was my third trip to Los Roques and was probably my best Bone fishing trips I have had with very few people on the flats, gin clear water and blue skies with the fish on fire. This time, I was accompanied by my son-in-law Russell.

Most of the Bones we caught were 3lb plus with some up to 8 or 9 lb. Russell caught one Bone of 8lb as well as breaking his rod! I even had a large Lemon Shark take one of my Bones very close to me while it was still on the line! The Bones were taking Gummy Minnows, Crazy Charlies and Bitters. The action was non-stop.


We fished the famous Pancake Flats as well as the beaches which is where we found the larger Bones on the Gummies.

We got snapped a couple of times a day and every fish took yards of line and backing from our reels every time.

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The weather was excellent with blue skies and moderate winds. We enjoyed a well-earned beer each evening at Bora la Mar as we watched the superb sunsets and the large Tarpon rolling between the boats, anchored just off the beach.

The transfers from Caracas Airport to the island was well organised though having to fly from Heathrow via Paris Charles de Gaulle was a bit inconvenient.

David S, Somerset UK