Estancia Maria Beherty, First Week Report

by Roxtons

A technically challenging week to start the season but despite the conditons a solid start.

Winds from the east, low air temperatures, and a rise of the river on Friday with dirty water, made the fishing tough this week at La Villa. The team landed 30 fish for the week with 2 fish over 15 pounds. Average weight 9 pounds.

The river was really low the first 4 days, but on Friday the river came up and got dirty. Next week should be good with dropping and clearing water…

There was evidence of lots of fish in the lower and middle part of the river, but not many in the upper beats, which is normal for this time of year. With this rise in water levels, the fish will start to move into the upper beats this week.

Top rod of the week was Gary with 10 fish to the net, the biggest 15 pounds.

Gary and Scott landed the biggest fish of the week to 15 pounders.

Water Conditions
Water color and visibility: Clear, but got dirty on Friday.

Water Temperature:
6⁰ – 13⁰ Celsius (43⁰ – 55⁰ Fahrenheit)

Water Level:
Really low, with a rise on Friday.

Wind Speed:
The wind blew northwest and east, but it wasn’t too strong.

Air temperature ranges through the week:
3⁰ – 14⁰ Celsius (37.5⁰ – 57⁰ Fahrenheit)

Weather observations:
Low temperatures, heavy rains and east winds.

Nymphs, rubber legs, and tube flies. Big flies for the last hour: Leeches, big tube flies. The best flies for the week were tubes flies.

Fly lines:
Skagit heads with different lengths of T-14, T-17, and T-20 with poly-leaders.

Tippet and leaders:
6 – 10 feet, 12 to 15 pound.