Estancia Maria Behety, Week 4, January 2023

by Roxtons

The fishing has been getting better and better on the Rio Grande. Expectations were high since some larger fish were showing up. There were some experienced fishermen at Estancia Maria Behety and they took advantage of the situation. The 12 rods landed 142 seatrout, 34 of them over 15lbs and the two biggest were both 22lbs.

The water colour and visibility was clear and water temperatures ranged from 8C to 14C. Air temperatures were 5C to 18C. The fishing was terrific during the week with fresh fish showing everywhere. The takes were violent and so were the fights!

The usual nymphs were working well including EMB, Red Butt, Prince, Aurelia and the Wonder Bug. At sunset, Leeches, Intruders and Skagit Minnows worked best. Big and black tube flies and Intruders for the last 45 minutes of the day is a classic way to hook up.

The water is reasonably low so we would advise bringing a Skagit head and a Scandi head. Floating and intermediate tips are necessary plus a set of tips from sink rate 3 IPS up to T20 MOW tips of type 3-6-8. The length and strength of tippet and leaders is 4 to 16 feet and 12lbs to 20lbs.