Fishing report from Tierra del Fuego 15th – 22nd March 2014

by Charlie White

The summer certainly felt as if it was drawing to a close as the rain set in for the first few days, causing water levels to rise by 50cm. The muddied water made conditions more difficult for the first two days and then more rain came and water temperatures ranged from 8°C down to 2°C, the lowest of the season so far.

The fishing was slower for the party staying at La Villa de Estancia Maria Behety this week. The average weight of fish landed was 8.8lbs and the group collectively had 17 fish over 15lbs, 2 of which were over the 20lbs mark.

However, for the group staying at the Estancia Maria Behety, it was the one of the best weeks of the season as being that much higher up the river they were less affected by the coloured conditions.  The 8 guests caught 31 fish over 15lbs, 5 of which were over the 20lbs mark. The average weight was 9.6lbs and the largest was a monster of 27.5lbs.

Our congratulations go to John M and Paul P who were top rods of the week. John M landed 30 fish overall with 5 over 15lbs whilst Paul P caught 27 fish with 3 over 20lbs in weight.

With high and dirty water, the best fly options were big and visible flies such as leeches, intruders and tube flies whilst the best tip was a 15ft T-17.

It has been one of the best seasons in Tierra Del Fuego for some time and rods are very difficult to come by for 2015 but  for more information on the programme, please do not hesitate to contact Charlie White or Hannah Treliving.