Grand Slam, Bill Fish, First Fish and More, Los Roques, Week 3

by Charlie White

We have just finished an extraordinary 10 days which has been filled, every day, with simply superb fishing.

8 of us were treated to fishing which none of us will ever forget and long, very amusing evenings which we already have.

It is difficult to pick highlights but an obvious place to start would be Joan Grieve’s Grand Slam.  A bonefish, a tarpon and a permit in one day – the pinnacle of saltwater fishing.

Or was it Jamie’s sailfish?  Just a beautiful fish that simply showcased all that Los Roques has to offer.

Or perhaps my personal highlight?  My daughter Daisy, having never shown much interest in fishing before, turning into an old hand almost overnight.  I am not sure how many people can say that their first three fish, ever, were a bonefish, a snook and a horse eye jack?!

As a host, in any destination, the moment when all of the rods meet each other at the end of day and discuss how they got on, is sometimes a nervous one.  Have they had fun, have they caught fish, did they like their guide etc etc.  Never have I felt more relaxed than I have here – I just know that everyone is going to have had a great day.

The lodge continues to be just a lovely place to call home.  Beaming smiles greet you at every turn and every request is fulfilled instantaneously – it helps that the chef is awesome at his job.

Our last group arrive tomorrow – more of the same please…

Charlie White