Huge Milkfish on the fly landed in Alphonse

by Charlie White

The week started with only six anglers, as new and passionate Alphonse owners, Murray and Kenneth Collins and their friends arrived half way into the week. It was certainly festive around the bar in the evenings with as many anglers as non-anglers.  The poor weather over the first two days allowed them to concentrate on the incredible numbers of Bonefish that both Alphonse and St Francois have to offer.

As the week progressed, the weather improved to a state of perfection for targeting all the bigger species, both on and off the flats. The memorable catch bell in the bar rang out on numerous occasions to serenade all the fantastic catches that occurred on a daily basis. Oliver Dawber was the first to catch a 60lbs GT, and then went out the following day to catch a 70lbs GT. The stable weather meant that anglers spent most mornings chasing the Milkfish, which have been around in great numbers for the last 2 hours of the falling tide and the first hour of the push.

The various teams had shot after shot at the schools of feeding Milkies as they feed along the various scum lines to the West of St François. Some teams hooking as many as 8 fish in a session before returning to the flats to concentrate on GTs, Triggers and Permit. Danie De Villiers and Mark Ascott-Evans both landed their first Trigger Fish. Vernon Vogt closely missed out on achieving a “Grand Slam” when he landed a big GT as well as his first Trigger fish, but unfortunately lost the Milkfish in the morning. 

On Thursday Oliver Dawber opened up his Milkfish account with a 25lbs beauty, which he fought to the edge of giving up. Tim Marks then landed a monster Milkfish estimated at 30lbs, shortly before Greg De Villiers landed probably the biggest Milkfish ever caught at Alphonse and definitely on fly. Greg made 2 casts into the shoal, hooked this giant and had to endure a 1 hour 30 minute flight before finally holding up his 45lbs silver trophy. Greg and James are not the smallest of fellows and this fish dwarfs them. Michelle, Casey, Jessica and Theresa from the De Villiers team of ladies also took part in the fishing frenzy, all landing Yellowfin Tuna over 30kgs.

The Collins brothers saved the best for the last morning as they decided it was time for them to catch their first Alphonse Milkfish. After finding the fish Murray made 10 casts, hooked a fish, which then gave an incredible aerial display during the 35 minutes fight, before landing the 25lbs bar of silver. Mark and Dave were both fighting fish, which they landed after gruelling fights. Once back in the shoal, Kenneth made 2 casts, hooked anther great fish, fighting it for an hour and landing another Milkfish.

What another incredible week it has been. Week 3 has already started and on the first day 16 year old Tommy Hradecka landed a “Grand Slam”, and both Clare Carter and Paul Buckland landed their first Milkfish.

For further information on fishing this incredible location, please contact Charlie White.