Iceland update

by Roxtons

Grimsa is fishing well with relatively high, clear water and lots of fresh healthy grilse in the lower river beats as well as some of the larger fish spread up to pool 590 and above.

Laxa in Kjos has good water levels with Kvislafoss north flowing well. The beat that is holding is beat 3, meaning the fish are able to get up through the meadows and into the canyons.

Sela has had some good fishing fishing too.  Currently fishing only five rods, they had a fantastic 26 fresh fish in a day. The water levels are high still.

Midfjardara had an honest 99 fish to 10 rods in a day last week which on a per rod basis is pretty spectacular.

All in all there seems to be some water and fish in the South West of Iceland as we begin to reach what is traditionally the peak of the season. The forecast is often mentioned but seldom relied upon, but if it helps there is light rain and more overcast conditions to come.

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