Jack Selby reports on Laxa in Kjos

by Roxtons

Our last group in at Laxa in Kjos faced particularly challenging conditions. The river was low and hot and the sun was blazing down meaning the salmon were slow to take and less aggressive. However, amongst this hardship there was some wonderful success. Team M had a great start with James M landing a first ever salmon in the first few hours of the first afternoon. Naturally, he was forced to do the Marilax ritual and as the Icelanders say, ‘Those who do the Marilax will have a lifetime of good fishing’. What they did not say is that James would then catch a super fresh fish from the Brynjadlsa first thing the next morning, putting a fish in both river’s books.

The team’s success went gently on relative to the conditions with three salmon landed from beat one and ending on a 12lbs hen fish weighed in the net to William M in the last hour of the last morning. This gave a final total of 7 fish in what can only be described as a challenging fishing conditions especially in such a clear water environment.

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