La Villa de Maria Behety Lodge Week 11 Report, 2020

by Roxtons

This week fishing was slow and conditions were unstable. The river rose, then it dropped, then it rose again and then finally it got dirty. This, unsurprisingly, made for tricky fishing. Sinking lines worked best, with small and medium sized flies. Green rubber legs were the best fly of the week. 52 fish were landed, 16 fish over 15 lbs, 3 fish over 20 lbs with an average weight of 9.5 lbs. Brad W was top rod of the week with 20 fish landed. Brad W also got the biggest fish at 22 lbs.

Water Conditions
Water colour and visibility: Clear water, until Friday.
Water temperature: 8 c to 13 c
Water level: high all week but fluctuated.

Weather Conditions
Wind speed ranges through the week: The wind blew from the north west but it wasn’t strong all week.
Air temperature ranges through the week: 7 c to 16 c
Weather observations (sun, rain, fog, etc.): The wind blew from the east on the last day.

Fishing Conditions
Flies that are worked best: EMB, rubber legs, green machine,tubes flies (monkey, sunray shadow, red francis), salmon flies.
Big flies for the last hour: Big tube flies, leeches, intruders, big tube flies.
Fly lines (tips, heads, lengths, densities, etc) that are producing the best: Skagit heads with different lengths of T-17,14,11.
Sinking lines were the best, most of the times with streamer patterns.
Nymphs worked well with sinking lines, dead drifting, EMB, wonder bugs.
Length and strength of tippet and leaders: 9 to 14 feet. 15 to 20 pounds.
The lower and middle part of the river fished best, but there are a lot of fish in the upper river now. More and more coloured fish are being caught.

Fish catch statistics
Number of anglers for the week: 5.
Total number of fish landed for the week: 52
Weight of the biggest fish landed for the week:22 lbs.
Number of fish landed over 15 pounds: 16
Number of fish landed over 20 pounds: 3
Average size: 9,5 lbs
Notable catches: 2 fish over 20 pounds on the last day with high and dirty water.