La Villa Maria Behety, 20 – 27 January 2024

by Roxtons

Another week just ended at La Villa Maria Behety. The week started slow and on the first three days there were very strong winds. The water got a little dirty and it was challenging to cast and to mend the line.

During the second half of the week the fishing got very good. Most of the fishing was with floating and intermediate lines using Sunrays and small salmon flies. With sinking lines the best was dead drifting nymphs.

The river was low and clear and in these circumstances it is best to use light lines, long leaders and very small flies. 79 fish were landed with 6 rods. There were 26 fish over 15lbs and 2 fish over 20lbs.

Top rod of the week was David Sawler with 18 fish in the net. The biggest was 16lbs and he also got fish every session. Tim Wright landed 16 fish with 8over 15lbs. Collin Goh landed the biggest fish at 21lbs.

Flies that worked the best: Different sizes of Sunray Shadows, small salmon flies, nymphs (red tail, emb, prince, pheasant tail), green machine and for the last hour Intruders, Leech and Sunray Shadows. We recommend bringing two rods, one to use with a Scandi and another with Skagit lines.