La Villa Maria Behety, Week 6 February, 2023

by Roxtons

Another week on the fabulous Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego has been completed. The weather during week two in February was very variable from hail to bright sun. For the first couple of days the fish were a touch moody, having decided that changeable weather was not their happy place.

However, the river was full of bright, fresh and powerful fish. I struggle to recall harder fighting sea trout in my ten years there. The eight to ten pounders fought like they were twice that weight. We had superb fishing overall, with fish up to twenty-two pounds, with dead-drifted nymphs being particularly effective in the right pools. At dusk, the fish came out to play on the big flies and the usual green machines and EMBs accounted for a lot of fish overall.

The lodge, staff, guides and food were of the highest quality. This consistently high standard, of all factors, is something that makes me, and many others return again and again. If you have not tried the fishing on the Rio Grande I would try it, you will not be disappointed.


Philip Donetti