Los Roques Report

by Charlie White

In November I returned, after a long absence, to the stunning island of Los Roques, Venezuela –

The trip was an enormous success and as a result, I determined to go back in the spring to see if the famous pancake flats would be operational in a way that was not possible in November.

I have just come back and I can unequivocally say that the fishing is on fire and offers some of the very best bone fishing in the world.

Seeing tailing fish on white sand whilst surrounded by some of the most extraordinary colours of the sea will never get old and remains very exciting.

As I have said before, most saltwater fisheries (including Los Roques) are built with bonefishing as their backbone but the joy of Los Roques is the sheer variety of fish, fishing techniques and back drops that you will see.

From very skinny water with big permit dorsal fins winking at you in the sunlight, to ambushing jacks in a deep channel, to throwing a huge popper at an enormous barracuda, there is something happening all of the time and it is one big adrenaline rush.

The guides are uniformly excellent and, as ever, with saltwater fishing, it can be humbling to realise that the only reason the fish wasn’t caught was because of the person holding the rod!  It does however mean that on the odd occasion where it does all come together, it is immensely satisfying.

The food remains top class and is sea food heaven.  It is quite amusing to watch everyone order a burger as they get back to the airport – undoing immediately all of the good work a truly Italian diet can offer over the course of a week!

Quite simply Los Roques offers some of the finest saltwater fishing in the world and has not become hugely expensive – it will continue to be very popular and I am much looking forward to next spring when we will be taking a much longer term residency and offering hosted trips throughout April and May – do contact me for further information.

Charlie White