Low water but a whopping 32lber in TDF

by Charlie White

All the fish landed have been fresh, bright and silver with many over the 15lbs mark. The biggest that has been reported so far is 32lber (pictured), caught at the beginning of January and also a 27lber caught last week by Keith Cartwright. The average air temperatures ranged from 42 and 58 degrees F.

With the water height fluctuating, the majority of the fish are sitting deep and so the lines that have been most efficient are 6 to 12 foot T14s and T17s. Skagit and Scandi lines ranging from 450 to 600 grains and 12, 15 and 20 pound tippet have been popular. Various flies are proving to be effective but the small nymphs have been the deadliest. Prince Nymph, TDF Prince, Red-Tail, EMB and even smaller nymphs tied on no.10 and no.8 hooks. Some Wooly B’s (black and olive) with rubber legs have enticed several trout. In the evenings tube flies, large dark leeches and intruders are the flavour.

There are very few spaces left this season but if you are interested in experiencing this fabulous fishing please contact Charlie White or Sarah Chamberlain.