Milkfish continue to impress at Alphonse

by Charlie White

In the past weeks the Milkfish have been threatening to feed in a pattern that would allow anglers sufficient shots and chances of hooking these high flying speedsters. This week it changed in dramatic style with nine landed for the week, which meant that five times the amount had to be hooked.  The new week kicked off in fine style with Jonathan S and Sarah A both landing Milkfish on the first day. Jonathan, Nick S and Frans C were up to the fight and challenge and went on to land two Milkfish each for the week.

The Bonefishing was exceptional with most guests catching more than 20 bonefish in a day when targeting them. Nicholas S had a day not to forget when he landed his first Permit while guided by Alec Gerbec. There isn’t a question of a doubt that Alphonse and St Francois hold the best milkfishing opportunities on this planet.

For further information on this incredible fishery, please contact Charlie White or Louise Laycock.