New Zealand earthquake update from Felix Borenstein, Owen River Lodge

by Roxtons

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake was centered near Kaikoura, on the east coast of the South island in the North Canterbury region. Fortunately Christchurch has been spared any significant damage as the quake was located over 150 kilometers to the north. Looking at the map below, Christchurch is significantly south of Kaikoura.


Thankfully the Murchison region (where Owen River Lodge is located), although shaken, has come out of this event unscathed.

I feel for the people in Kaikoura; it’s going to take some time for them to virtually rebuild the coastal highway and the rest of their damaged infrastructure.They are working furiously to open the old inland highway/road, which should be done by early next week.

With the exception of State Highway 1, all roads on the South Island that were closed are now open – a very impressive feat!

Is it safe to travel to New Zealand?

Yes, and this includes Christchurch. Generally places beyond the circled region are relatively unaffected. All international & domestic airports are open and operational, and there are no tsunami warnings in place now. It isn’t currently possible to travel to Kaikoura however, where a state of emergency currently exists.

For up to date information on road closures, please check out the NZ Transport agency’s website here.”