News from The Rio Grande, 25th January-1st February

by Charlie White

The weather continued to be cooler than normal and the wind blew quite hard but the fishing proved superb with this week dubbed the best of the season so far.

Alf B, Roger Y, Keith C and Arthur M stayed on for the second week at La Villa Maria Behety. Alf celebrated his 87th birthday last week and caught a fresh 24lber on his favourite fly, the Colie Dog, to celebrate. The 6 rods caught 27 fish over 15lbs, of which 6 were over 20lbs. Roger Y was again top rod for the week, landing a very impressive 47 fish and the only rod this season to achieve a ‘No Blank Session’, landing a fish on every session – congratulations Roger.

The average weight of fish landed was close to 9lbs and the flies of choice were Aurelia Princes, GB Red Butt Bombers, Princes, Green Machines and Wonder Bugs. Mini tube flies were deadly, tied on plastic and copper. As usual, big black flies worked in the evenings such as Skagit Minnows, SunRay Shadows and Colie Dogs.

It was an equally impressive week at Estancia Maria Behety; the average weight of fish landed for the week was 9.7lbs, 35 were over 15lbs and 9 were over 20lbs. The largest were a couple of 22lbers. Mike R returned to the lodge and landed fish of 21 and 22lbs, so our congratulations go to him.

Nymphs were the flies of the week – Red Tails, EMBs, TDF Princes, Aurelia Princes again and chartreuse nymphs worked best. Black and olive Woolly Bs worked well on the windy days. For the last hour of the day, anglers tried big leeches, intruders and tube flies. Titanic and Sunray Shadows were fished on the surface.

There are some rods available for the rest of the season in both lodges.Please contact Charlie White or Hannah Treliving for more information.