TDF Fishing Report for La Villa de Maria Behety and Estancia Maria Behety Lodge 2nd to 9th March 2019

by Jack Selby

The fishing continues to be good on the Rio Grande into the first week of March. La Villa de Maria Behety saw 101 fish landed, 34 fish over 15 pounds, 8 over 20. At Estancia Mariah Behety lodge landed 155 fish with 36 over 15 pounds and 7 over 20 pounds.

It’s difficult to nominate a top rod of the week. Every guest caught at least 1 fish over 20 pounds. At Villa Maria Behety the biggest was 24 pounds for John E and at Estancia Maria Behety the same (24 pounds) for Fernando A. Paul S had a fish in every session. 

The river was in great condition; Saturday saw heavy rain meaning the river rose a few inches helping to move fish into the upper river. Water temperatures between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius. Strong wind but not quite as harsh as normal but still found time to gust to 40 kmph. The air was between -4 and 12 degrees Celsius during the week.

Flies that worked were small weighted nymphs on strong hooks. EMBs, Wonderbug and Rubber legs tied with yellow legs. Sunray shadows and green machines in the surface. As ever the large intruders and leeches worked well in the last hour before dark. Both Scandi and Skagits worked well with T-14 and T-11 tips or polyleaders. Long leaders of 15 to 20 pounds were required for the low clear water.