The fishing improves on The Rio Grande

by Roxtons

Alf B and his team returned to La Villa Maria Behety for their annual pilgrimage. Our congratulations go to Alf who celebrated his 89th birthday by catching the largest fish of the week, a 22lb fresh hen fish.

Roger Y was once again the top rod for the week with 28 fish landed, the best of the season so far. The average weight of the catches improved to 10.6lbs and the average catch per day was 2.3 fish per rod, again the season’s best result to date.

The water was at its clearest with temperatures between 7°C and 14°C and levels which are normal for this time of year. Wind speed ranged from 9 to 53 mph. There was heavy rain on Saturday and the prevailing wind was from the west.

The favoured flies for the week included the Wonder Bug, Green Machine, Sun-Ray Shadow, EMB, Camilla, small nymphs, Stoats Tail and Red Butt Bomber. Skagit and Scandi lines were used with tips such as floating, intermediate, type 3, 6 and 8. Short custom tips between 3 and 5 feet were also used.

The 6 rods landed a total of 86 fish for the week, with the largest of those catches weighing in at 22lbs. Twenty-two of those fish were over the 15lbs mark.

Meanwhile at Estancia Maria Behety, the flies which worked best included nymphs, EMB, TDF Prince, Camilla, Aurelia Prince, Sun-Ray Shadows, Woolly Buggers. For the twilight hours, big leeches, intruders and tube flies were used. Skagit and Scandi heads were the lines used with light tips. The twelve rods landed a total of 108 fish with the largest of those catches being 22lbs again.

Due to a cancellation, there is one rod available at Estancia Maria Behety lodge for the week of 27th February – 5th March. This is a peak week of the season on The Rio Grande and the price has been reduced to £3,740.00. Please contact either Charlie White or Hannah Treliving for more information.