The Umba Season starts to Fire

by Charlie White

After a difficult two weeks, the season on the Umba is now really beginning to pick up.  It is very hard to know if this delay is because of unusually high water, an extraordinary and unexplained influx of pinks or simply that the whole of the Kola appears to be running later than normal – or a combination of all three?

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Regardless, the fishing is now much more as we would hope and it is great to be hearing lots of tales of landed fish, lost fish and fishing adventures as opposed to hearing about pink salmon! 


The last part of last week was really when it started to pick up and the 8 rods finished with 35 fish landed with the biggest being a 24lber for Keith R.  Christopher F landed his first salmon on a fly and there were some excellent parties throughout the week.


The new group have so far landed 16 fresh fish in their first two days of fishing with Reinhard B landing a lovely fish of 18lbs. Heinz P had 3 double figure fish (10,12,14) and Michael B had 2 (10,13).


With dropping water and the Autumn colours now beginning to come through, we hope that whilst delayed, the Umba can now show our groups what a gorgeous place it is to be at this time of the year as well as being an excellent fishery.

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More updates to come but please do not hesitate to call us in the office for further details