Villa Maria Behety Lodge Report 2 February

by Charlie White

Another week has just ended, what a great group and the fishing was very good too. 120 fish landed with 25 fish over 15 pounds. 2 lovely fish over 20 pounds. Average weight 9 pounds. All in all a great week.

We enjoyed great fishing with floating lines, tubes flies and green machine proved to be the best.

Also intermediate lines with long leaders with an emb nymph worked well.

The river was dropping fast, but still with good height remaining in the lower areas.

The upper part of the river was tough with the middle and lower pools producing the most consistency.

Top rod of the week was Karen R with 24 fish to the net and her biggest 17 lbs.

David S and John R landed the biggest fish with 20  pounders each.


Water Conditions

Water color and visibility: Very clear.

Water temperature: 7 c to 12 c

Water level: A good level of water below the Menendez river, now starting to get low in the upper part.


Weather Conditions

Wind speed ranges through the week: High winds from the North West all week.

Air temperature ranges through the week: 4c to 21c , a pleasant temperature.

Wheather observations (sun, rain, fog, etc.):sunny and pleasant all week , we had rain on one afternoon.

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Fishing Conditions

Flies that are working the best: green machine, emb nymph, small rubber legs nymph, small tube flies.

Best flies of the week was emb nymph and green machine.

Fly lines (tips, heads, lengths, densities, etc) that are producing the best: Full floating and intermediate lines as well the occasional heavy tip.

Length and strength of tippet and leaders: 6 to 12 feet. 12 to 15 pounds.

 Most of the fish were in the  middle  and lower part of the river, we didn’t get many in the upper part.


Fish catch statistics

Number of anglers for the week: 6.

Total number of fish landed for the week: 120.

Weight of the biggest fish landed for the week: 20 pounds.

Number of fish landed over 15 pounds: 25.

Number of fish landed over 20 pounds: 2.

Notable caches: great fishing on top, we got good numbers of fish for the book.