Week 7 on The Rio Grande, Argentina

by Roxtons

The week was slow for February due to a very cold spell and consequent low water temperatures for the first five days. By Thursday evening conditions had started to improve and the water had reached 13°C by Friday. Even though there was some rain, the river level never rose and remains low and clear.

Malcolm K landed the biggest fish for the week, an impressive 23lb er. It was the first time fishing these waters for his Canadian friend George R who made an impressive debut. Half of the fish he landed were over 15lbs… we hope he will return!

A total of 74 fish were landed to the 6 rods, of which 19 were over 15lbs or more. The average weight was 10.4lbs.

Regarding equipment, floating lines and sinking lines between 5ft and 12.5ft were used most. There was a lot of surface activity despite the cool water temperatures. For flies, the Sun-Ray shadow, EMB, Aurelia Prince, Egg-sucking leech and small nymphs on strong #12 and #14 hooks were very successful.

At the larger lodge, Estancia Maria Behety, 135 fish were landed overall and 28 were over the 15lbs mark. The average weight was 9.9lbs despite fishing being slow. There were strong winds on Monday and by the middle of the week it has rained a bit but this made little difference to the river level.

6 to 9 weight spey rods with Skagit and Scandi lines with medium, heavy and extra heavy mow tips were used for the majority of the time. Floating and intermediate tips worked well in some pools and with the low water, single handed rods worked excellently in several pools.

Nymphs like EMB, Aurelia Prince, Red Tail, TDF Prince, Prince and scuds were used as were Green machines, Titanics, Black and olive woolly buggers. Tube flies such as the Sunray Shadow and Monkey worked well as did Big Leeches and Intruders during the last hour of fishing.

John T was the top rod for the week with 17 fish landed. Mark J landed a 21.5 lber whilst Rodney P landed a 23.5lber, impressive results in challenging conditions.