Week 8 on the Rio Grande, Argentina

by Roxtons

The top rod at La Villa Maria Behety was Michael H who landed 25 fish in the six days. Kevin K and John C both caught monstrous 25lbers. A total of 82 fish were landed to the six rods, of which 19 were 15lbs or more. The average weight was very strong too at 9.8lbs.

Floating and sinking lines between 2.5ft and 15ft were favoured. The fish were keen to take on the surface; Michael H caught most of his on floating lines and tubes.

For flies, the Sun-Ray Shadow, EMB, Turk’s Tarantula, Aurelia Prince, Egg-Sucking leech, and small nymphs on #12 and #14 hooks were very successful.

At Estancia Maria Behety, 155 fish were landed to the group. 31 of these catches were over the 15lbs mark and 6 were over the 20lbs mark. The average weight was 9.5lbs.

6 to 9 weight Spey rods together with Skagit and Scandi lines were predominantly used. MOW tips proved a very good choice with the Skagit heads. On the Scandi lines, poly-leaders and versi-leaders worked the best. With the low water, single-handed rods worked excellently again in some pools.

Martin L was a top rod for the week with 18 fish landed, John B caught a memorable 26lber and Derek F caught one of 20lbs. Our congratulations go to them all.

For more information on our programmes on The Rio Grande please contact Charlie White or Hannah Treliving.