Thank you to our clients from the British Game Assurance Director

by Roxtons


25 High Street 



RG17 0NF

24th March 2023

Dear John,

We wanted to write to you to thank your guns for their continued support of the British Game levy and also to share with you just a few highlights of all that has been achieved with their money throughout the last year. 

  • Game is now being served at multiple NHS locations throughout the UK, Greg Smith MP stood in the House of Commons to congratulate BGA on its work to introduce game to the NHS.
  • Eat Wild launched a range of spice mixes and game products to help promote game directly to the public and make it easier for them to cook with it.
  • Continuing our work as a conduit between the processors and shoots we launched the Plan for the Plate campaign, improving the efficiency of the market by encouraging shoots to speak to their dealers well in advance of the shooting season, something never before tried in the UK. 
  • We dedicated time and effort into developing the perfect “pheasant to go”. We worked with Fri Jado who provide rotisserie ovens for the larger supermarkets and we have successfully found the ideal cooking time with holding temperatures that can hold with no deterioration for over 2 hours. This will be an excellent way to introduce members of the public to game for the first time, without the intimidation of having to cook it. With your help we will work to roll this innovation out in 2023. 

If any of your guns would like to learn more about what we achieved for game last year, then we will happily send our 2022 Summary Report. 

In the next year we aim to open up new markets for game with some very exciting negotiations currently in the works. None of this could be achieved without the 50p levy so please pass on our thanks to all those who have and will continue to donate. 

Best wishes, 



Louisa Clutterbuck 



British Game Assurance, Suite 1, The Old Post Office, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire SP11 0AG