Aim to Sustain

by Roxtons

What is this new partnership?

We are delighted to see this new partnership form between nine organisations with a simple goal, to help protect and promote sustainable shooting, biodiversity and the rural community. Aim to Sustain is going to help increase the longevity of the sport by addressing the changes that need to be made. All nine of the organisations all work incredibly hard individually so igniting them together will only help more.

The partnership will focus on 3 key areas, Advicacy, Science & Research and Self-Regulation. It will also work on any other issues that they see fit to help support sustainable shooting. To find out more on Aim to Sustain, please follow the link below to their website. At the bottom of their homepage is a short video all about Aim to Sustain.

We urge everyone to get behind this initiative to continue to help protect, promote and enhance sustainable shooting.