Hilldrop Charity Clay Day

by John Duncan

The Roxtons team hosted a rifle shooting stand at the Hilldrop Charity Shoot in glorious rural Wiltshire, on the 18th May raising over £306,000 for charity.

Organised by Tim Eliot-Cohen the day took place on some of the same stands which are included in Roxtons simulated clay days at Hilldrop. The day ran extremely smoothly and with some good weather all parties which took part enjoyed themselves.

The rifle stand consisted of 5, 10 shot pre-charged airguns with telescopic sights and 50, 12bore cartridges, the aim (excuse the pun) was to knock all 50 targets out of the bookshelf situated 25 yards away.

Interestingly the teams which included some of the Roxtons staff did score too well although one team did manage to get a maximum of 50.

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the day, it is fantastic to be involved in day that will make such a big difference to people’s lives.