Roxtons are delighted to support The Country Food Trust

by John Duncan

The Country Casserole contains diced pheasant breast, vegetables and herbs, and is nutritious, low in cholesterol and high in vitamins. It is made in special pouches, which do not need to be stored in a chilled environment, have a one-year shelf life and are easy to prepare. The Trust is also in the process of producing a partridge curry with the help of their chef Tim Maddams who was the game chef at River Cottage.

With over 14 million people classified by the Joseph Rowntree foundation as living in food poverty we have a lot of people in the UK who are in desperate need of nutritious food. 

In 2016 the Trust fed over 20,000 people in need and this year they will produce over 125,000 meals. The aim is to feed over 1 million people in need in the next five years and to be sustainable.

The charity also sells the casserole to raise funds to help ensure they are sustainable and not solely reliant on donations. They sell them on the basis that for every Country Casserole bought , they donate another one to someone in need.

The Trust estimates that over 300 companies directly derive their income from selling into the shooting community and many more indirectly.  We are delighted to be supporting their work.

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