Say NO to excessive firearms licensing fees

by John Duncan

BASC is calling on all shooters in England, Wales and Scotland to email and object to the proposals. This must be done by 9 March please.

Even if these proposals do not affect you directly, we would urge each and every recipient of this email to spend a few minutes emailing an objection as a matter of principle and unity in support of shooting.

The new fees would represent a 12-fold increase in some instances and will have adverse consequences for many of us. These could include a reduction in services to the shooting community, the potential closure of small clubs and higher membership fees for those that remain in operation.

In the long term, we believe this unjustified proposal could make target shooting less accessible to newcomers, damage firearms heritage and harm participation rates.

BASC will be submitting a robust response to the consultation and is calling on all shooters to follow suit. We believe this is just the beginning of increased prices and they are damaging the grass roots of our sport so please act now.

Click here for a BASC briefing on this issue.

Click here for the proposals.