Shooting in Argentina – a season overview

by Roxtons

Over the last year we have seen an increased interest both in clients wanting to visit Argentina for the first time as well as those wanting to re-visit and enjoy some of the finest wild bird shooting in the world.

In the past, many of the lodges were simply comfortable, with good food and great shooting but now guests can enjoy the creature comforts of top class hotels in the very best lodges in Argentina.  One of our shooting providers has a collection of completely renovated lodges which offer first class accommodation together with excellent food, wine and of course, the best shooting Argentina can offer.

I will be visiting these lodges as well as a few new ones in April 2015 to ensure that we continue to provide the best Argentine shooting experience available. 

In addition to providing the shooting in Argentina, we have the ability, in conjunction with our sister company Bailey Robinson, to put together an impressive itinerary for luxury trips, not only in Argentina but all over South America.

If you have any questions on which Argentine estate would suit you best or wish to check the availability of any of our worldwide shooting destinations, then please do not hesitate to contact either Adam Bromfield or Hannah Treliving.