Shooting in Spain – a season overview

by Roxtons

Our Roxtons guns have had a truly excellent driven partridge season in Spain this year.  The parties shot from the 1st October through to the last week of the season, all with excellent results.  The quality of the shooting has got better and better over recent years and is now equal to and, in some cases, better than, the partridge shooting available in the UK; the magic combination of wonderful shooting, luxurious lodges, excellent food and great service is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

In the past, a perennial worry when shooting in Spain was that you might shoot the bag in the first few drives and then have to pay for overages for the rest of the two days.  Now, this is most definitely not the case – our knowledge of the estates together with our relationships with the owners ensures that the most suitable drives are chosen, allowing for top class shooting without having to pay for extra birds. If guns do want to shoot over the contracted bag, this can be finely controlled and every gun’s secretario knows exactly how many birds he has shot at any moment of the day.

The Spanish shooting season runs from 1st October through to the 28th February in most areas, with some estates stretching into March.  February is a very popular month to shoot in Spain, as it extends the northern European and British season into an otherwise dull month.  However, the shooting is as good in late October as it is at the end of February, so one should definitely not discount visiting Spain in October, November and December.

For those who find travelling with guns to be inconvenient, most of the partridge shoots we represent in Spain have a good selection of guns for clients to borrow.  Side by side and over and under shotguns are available in both 12 & 20 bore.  If, however, clients have particular or unusual stock dimensions then we would advise to take their own guns.

Last season we organised a very successful ‘Monteria’ – a Spanish driven big game hunt.  This particular Monteria was for wild boar on a large estate in the hills of south west La Mancha. The hunting is very exciting and parties from 4 to 20 can be accommodated for either a one or two days. Unlike hunting in Hungary or other parts of Europe there are no trophy fees on trophy animals.

Much like all of our Spanish Fincas, the estate can provide a mix of varied hunting with fallow and red deer, wild boar and mouflon.  The estate boasts a fantastic principal house with nine en-suite bedrooms, a large dining room, two sitting rooms and a wonderful terrace.  There is also a second house with a further 12 bedrooms, sitting room and dining room. If you are looking for something a little different then a ‘Monteria’ may be the answer. We would add that some experience with rifle shooting is important to make the most out of the hunt.

At Roxtons we pride ourselves on being the most experienced provider of the best quality Spanish partridge shooting.  We also deal with the very best estates and have built up great relationships with the owners and staff over many years.  We attend all our client trips to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you would like to know which Spanish estate would suit you best or wish to check availability at any of our other worldwide shooting destinations, then please do not hesitate to contact either Adam Bromfield or Hannah Treliving.