Thank you to our clients for paying the 50 pence a bird voluntary donation to Eat Wild

by Roxtons

We would like to thank all of our clients for your continued support of Eat Wild (formely the BGA) last season through kindly paying the 50 pence a bird levy. This support has helped to successfully put a value back into feathered game meat. Eat Wild, over the course of the last season, have continued to create new avenues for game meat. It is very pleasing to see game being served for the first time in stadiums across London and currently at the Six Nations Tournament as well 32 children’s nurseries. Eat Wild has exciting plans in further expanding the use of game meat in commercial catering.

We hope our clients will continue to support the voluntary 50 pence a bird levy this season. As a thank you for those that do contribute, we’re donating a 200 bird day on our shoot in North Yorkshire, Arden, for the 2025-26 season. A name will be randomly and independently drawn at the end of this season, so we hope you’ll continue supporting theses fantastic initiatives whilst having the opportunity to win a great day’s shooting.

For more information on the work Eat Wild have undertaken to promote game meat and their fantastic game meat recipes please take a look at Home – Eat Wild