Thank you to our clients from the BGA Chairman

by Roxtons

It’s almost impossible for us to express our gratitude for the significant amount of money you have contributed to the BGA through the 50p voluntary donation. A massive thank you for your generous contribution. Also, a huge thank you to Roxtons and Ian Coley Sporting who have been instrumental in both the setup and growth of the BGA.

It’s immensely important to us that you are made aware of where their money has gone and what has been achieved by the BGA thus far

Some of our key success’s are as follows;

  • We have started the process of self-regulation in the shooting community and in so doing are keeping the state off our backs
  • We enjoy both government recognition and support along with other key bodies such as Natural England and the National Parks
  • We have facilitated the sale of well over 1m birds to those that have never bought game before such as the Ministry of Defence, Compass Group, Samworth Brothers, Sutherland Honk Kong et al.
  • We have made game available in multiple formats (such as pies, sausages and goujons) through our partnership with Samworth Brothers and this has put game on the tables of many who have never eaten it before.
  • We have reached and garnered the support of a great number of celebrity chefs such as Michel Roux who are huge lovers of game and are helping drive our ‘Eat Wild’ campaign.
  • We enjoy the active support of BASC, CA and GWCT along with all other shooting organisations who have helped us to build a strong future for shooting and to facilitate the wider consumption of game.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support (we hope we can count on it again next season) as it is essential if we are to continue protecting the sport that we all love.

As ever,


Ivan Shenkman

Chairman of British Game Alliance